About Us

Your source for scheduled burns, permits, prescribed fire history and prescribed fire science in Colorado.

Who We Are

The Council is a voluntary organization.  We are open to anyone interested in Prescribed Fire.  The Council Steering Board consists of a member from; a Non Government Organization, The State of Colorado, a Private Lands Manager, a County Lands Manager, a Federal Lands Manager, a Fire Chief Association Representative, a Research/University Representative.  The Steering Board is approved by the general membership.

What We Do

Council provides education, information and acts as a clearing house for people interested in prescribed fire. We provide the latest policy information, science, and experience based information to government employees, private land owners, and the general public to promote the use of prescribed fire.

Why We Do It

We value Colorado’s Natural Resources.  Most of our members are land managers that face the challenge of protecting people, communities,  forests, grasslands, clean water, wildlife habitat.  We believe Rx Fire is one important and useful tool to help manage the wildlands we all cherish.

Managing Natural Resources is a complex challenge. Reasons to manage include protecting communities, ensuring we have clean water, improving wildlife habitat, restoring landscapes to former conditions. There are many ways to manage both public and private lands to meet these objectives. Prescribed fire is one important and useful tool in the toolbox used by land managers.

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